Self-guided production
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Be ready for the 4th industrial revolution

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The closed-loop technology is a revolution: An all-in-one manufacturing method that puts every necessary process step inside one machine tool. It delivers outstanding performance based on the integration of expert knowledge, machining and metrology.

Closed-Loop Manufacturing.

With optical metrology workpieces are continuously measured in-situ during production. Deviations from target values instantly effect the machining parameters. This closed loop isn’t just designed to automate quality assurance. It also brings machining accuracy to a totally new level.

Your benefit.

With Closed-Loop Manufacturing you can benefit in three ways:
Either you buy a super-accurate machine tool or you let your parts
being produced or you hire us as a full-service consultant.
No matter what, you always choose right!

Alicona Manufacturing is your one stop shopping resource for Closed-Loop Manufacturing. We offer a ready to go, self guided sink EDM machine. Our experience is embedded in the provided smart manufacturing software. You benefit from our competence in installation, training as well as manufacturing consulting service together with the machine itself.


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Alicona Manufacturing is built on long years of expertise in precision and micro parts manufacturing. Our in depth knowledge enabled a leading edge automated manufacturing facility including wire and sink EDM, milling as well as laser machining ready to produce your parts from a single prototype up to mass production. You benefit from an unbeaten price performance ratio made possible by Closed-Loop Manufacturing.


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Alicona Manufacturing is ready to support your aims towards Closed-Loop Manufacturing in your facility. We offer any level of consulting for precision and micro manufacturing automation. From parts design via manufacturing technology selection to final serial production quality control we are happy to share our expertise. You benefit from a tremendously shortened realization time of your transition towards automated manufacturing.


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