Precision parts manufacturing

We deliver your parts in Closed-Loop Manufacturing quality

Potential maximum deviation of 1 micron.

With Closed-Loop Manufacturing our machining accuracy is increased up to fourfold. Did you accept a deviation of 4-5 microns before, you now benefit from deviations as low as 1 micron. This super-high accuracy is enabled by the self-guided production method where components are automatically measured in-situ during production.

Automated quality assurance.

An integrated measurement sensor continuously assures the strict adherence to the set values. Does one value not correspond to the solid model, the deviation is communicated to the machining center which in turns adapts its machining parameters autonomously. Thereby, bad parts are no longer produced.

Any batch size available.

No matter how many parts you need, we deliver and of course in Closed-Loop Manufacturing quality. Our in depth knowledge enabled a leading edge automated manufacturing facility ready to produce your parts from a single prototype up to mass production.

Fast and dependable service.

Once your order is  in the house we guarantee a fast delivery. Different batch sizes are manufactured with an incredible high accuracy enabled by automated production. You benefit from an unbeaten price performance ratio made possible by
Closed-Loop Manufacturing.

Different applications
for different industries.

Every industry has its own demands. To fully support all requirements, we specialized in the following applications:
> Wire or sink EDM
> Laser
> Milling

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